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WHY is Zebra AV

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Zebra AV Co Ltd

China AV Partner

China AV Provider

China AV rental company

China AV Production company


Zebra AV is base on south of China,but can provide the full AV equipments rental service in the whole of China include HK and Macau.

we have own three warehouses in shenzhen,guangzhou and shanghai.


Zebra AV is not only just delivery the qualited equipments from warehouse to onsite,

instead,we value the service quality, we work closely with our clients,we pay attention to every single detail from loading to strike.


we are difference from the most of chinese rental companies, we are not only have skilled technology,

but also have good english communication skill to match with difference clients' demand from oversea market,

our clients include the Thailand Consulate in Guangzhou,the Russian Embassy in China and other foreign government agencies in China.


we have our own Audio,Video and Lighting equipments in here.

Zebra AV is your reliable AV partner for event in China, contact with us for your next event in China.

Mr.Chan(english service available)


86-13825210785(for english)

Whatsapp: 8613825210785

Wechat / Line ID: zebraav



Reject Business ?  

If you do worldwide events business in China, 

you may reject or give up the events business in China because the higher cost and hard to operate.


Problem ? 

Are you still use old way to do?---delivery your AV Equipments/staffs to worldwide? 

NO,waste money,waste time,occupy your equipments do other events business in your country.


No Problem 

Then why not find the local AV equipments rental company to cooperate?

We are your reliable AV Parnter whom speak Chinese-English.

No need you delivery your AV Equipments to onsite,

No need worry the fussy jobs let you lose the interesting for the events business in China.



1. Your AV Equipment in China 

own AV Equipments include the Control/Power Equipments,no need you delivery the AV equipment to onsite  from far away,

no need worry the fussy jobs let you lose interesting for events business in China.


2. Your AV Parnter for Event in China

own AV Equipments, skilled English to avoid the mis-communication, we are the one of few local companies can speak English

and provide the AV Equipments to the foreign events management companies in China.


If you have events in China.

ZEBRA AV is your event reliable AV equipment partner.

Our Cases:

Apr.2018---ST STM32 Summit 2018(the 3rd year)

Apr.2018---OSSTEM(South Korea) Meeting 2018(Beijing)

Apr.2018---Meicloud Launch Event(Qingdao)

Jan.2018---Midea Annual Conference(the 3rd year)

Jan.2018---MeiCloud Annual Conference(the 2nd year)


Dec.2017---IVF Int'l Forum

Dec.2017---SZCBEA Annual Conference

Dec.2017---K-Bank(Thailand) Inauguration Ceremony

Oct.2017---Amazon Alexa event

Sep.2017---Meicloud Launch Event(Beijing)

Sep.2017---Meicloud Launch Event(Shanghai)

Jul.2017---OSSTEM(South Korea) World Meeting(Nanning)

Jun.2017---the 20th Anniversary Celebration of HongKong's return for CASC(HongKong)

Jun.2017---J.P.Morgan(USA) Conference

May.2017---CCW HK2017 for Hytera(HongKong)

May.2017---CCW HK2017 for Sepura(HongKong)

May.2017---Meicloud Launch Event(Xiamen)

May.2017---BaMa Launch Event

May.2017---Smartisan Launch Event

Apr.2017---OSSTEM(South Korea) World Meeting(Shenzhen)

Apr.2017---ST STM32 Summit 2017(the 2nd year)

Apr.2017---MeiCloud Launch Event(Shanghai)

Mar.2017---DHG Conference

Mar.2017---MeiCloud Launch Event(Shenzhen)

Mar.2017---SZ Fashion Week 2017(the 3rd year)

Feb.2017---Association Annual Conference

Feb.2017---SGMW Annual Conference

Jan.2017---MeiCloud Annual Conference(the 1st year)

Jan.2017---Midea Annual Conference(the 2nd year)


Dec.2016---CRC App Launch

Oct.2016---PingAn Conference

Oct.2016---Facebook Conference

Oct.2016---SZMG Show

Sep.2016---Aptamil Music Concert

Sep.2016---Jaguar XFL Launch Event

Jul.2016---Intel Conference

Jul.2016---TCL Conference

May.2016---BENZ dealers' Conference

May.2016---ENOC(UAE)  Global Conference

Apr.2016---TCL Launch Event

Apr.2016---ST STM32 Summit 2016(the 1st year)

Apr.2016---CreditEase Conference(Kuming)

Mar.2016---SZ Fashion Week 2016(the 2nd year)

Feb.2016---XiuZheng Annual Conference

Jan.2016---HONDA Annual Conference

Jan.2016---SGMW Annual Conference

Jan.2016---Midea Annual Conference(the 1st year)

Jan.2016---PAREX Group Conference

Jan.2016---HUAWEI New Year Party

Jan.2016---Ramaxel Annual Conference


Dec.2015---China Mobile Conference

Nov.2015---GZ Motor Show(Honda,Ferrari,Jaguar)

Nov.2015---SZ Motor Show(Benz, Mazda)

Nov.2015---Michael Kors (Beijing)

Nov.2015---GuangZhou Amway Event

Sep.2015---BaWang Event

Sep.2015---ST APG Event

Sep.2015---TCL Launch Event

Mar.2015---SZ Fashion Week 2015(the 1st year)

Mar.2015---HUAWEI Launch Event

Dec.2014---ZTE Launch Event




电话:13825210785 (陈先生)同微信 for english
电话:13652596224 (邹先生)同微信
电话:17722802356 (邹先生)同微信


电话:13825210785 (陈先生) 同微信 for english
电话:13652596224 (邹先生) 同微信
电话:17722802356 (邹先生) 同微信